Uncle Louie on his 90th birthday.




HISTORY as told by David Putnam, President Stone Aspen

My Uncle Louie was a Master Carpenter in the 1950s. In those days a carpenter laid the foundation, framed the home, and custom built and installed the cabinets and interior trim.

Trusses and power tools did not exist. A handsaw and hammer were the tools of the day. When he was a teenager, Louie designed and then built the house my mother and her eleven brothers and sisters lived in for years.

My father, a civil engineer, asked me one day to tag along on a visit to Louie’s construction site. Louie had just purchased a transit and wanted dad to show him how to use it.

When we arrived at the site, I saw a concrete block foundation and stacks of lumber. My dad showed Louie how to use the transit and we were then on our way. Three weeks later we returned to the site, and I was in awe. The stacks of lumber had become the walls and roof of someone’s new custom home.

I then understood that Uncle Louie had the best job in the world.   He got to build dream homes for families. I decided that day I wanted to do what Louie did for a living. I was five at the time.

The Legacy Carries On

More than 60 years later, and after thirty-five years in the business, I am still in awe when I see a carpenter raising a wall. Thanks to my Uncle Louie, I have found my life’s work, overseeing the construction of custom homes, where special memories are made.

Today, my company, Stone Aspen, builds a limited number of custom homes each year in Douglas County, Colorado, including Castle Rock, Perry Park, Larkspur, Sedalia, Parker, Franktown, and the greater Metro Denver area. We especially enjoy working with discerning homeowners who require old-world craftsmanship with modern comfort and functionality.