The Difference

Beauty is in the Details and Resale

Making a House Feel Like a Home

Stone Aspen adds more interior trim woodwork than most builders, and we are committed to designing and creating details that make the home intimate, welcoming, livable, personable, and unique.

We care about every piece of trim, private and public space, window placement, color scheme, and the multitude of other features that make your house a home and any future buyers home, too.





Design a Custom Home As If it Will Be Your LastActive Aging Design Concepts

Every day in this country 10,000 people turn 65. Generally speaking, the United States population is aging fast, and Colorado’s population is no exception.

What does this mean for custom home building?

It means that it’s time to build a home based on the idea that it could be your last home. If we are truly aiming to be an environmentally-friendly culture and a family-centered culture, shouldn’t we live in homes that reflect our values?



A Closer Look at Active Aging Design Concepts


Stone Aspen incorporates the concepts of universal design and aging in place. As a result you’ll get a home where you can raise your family and retire. You’ll also get:

  1. Interchangeable rooms. Right now you might want a play room, but after the kids move out you might want a craft room. And then if one of your children moves back in, maybe you could use that room for storage. A room like this is called a “flex space,” and we believe all homes need at least one.
  2. A safe place to age. With fewer steps, wider doorways, and an outdoor space that is easy to manage, you may not have to purchase another small ranch home in your older years.
  3. Healthy lifestyle. Studies show that the more active we are and the more social we are the longer and healthier our lives will be. Design a home with plenty of entertaining and activity space.
  4. Details and spaces to connect. Every Stone Aspen home includes small touches with big heart. These are family homes that require space for you to spend time with one another and make memories. You’d be amazed how a nook or shelf can help to shape your home.


Quality over quantity

A Message on Unused Square Footage from Stone Aspen President David Putnam

When I read Sarah Susanka’s best seller The Not So Big House in 1998 I felt validated. For years I had been trying to sway homeowners away from building “McMansions” with wasted square-footage.

Why should a home have square footage that is rarely used? Why can’t homes be designed for the way families actually live? Why not design for inspiration rather than to impress?

Ms. Susanka said it best ” combine the beauty of the big house with the efficiency of the small one”.

That’s exactly what Stone Aspen does best. We prefer projects that are modest in scale and have the least possible impact on the environment. We prefer to work with homeowners who see the value in quality materials and timeless design versus a sprawling mini-mansion that goes mostly un-lived in.

Here’s a brief list of the home-building aspects that matter most to me:

  • Old-world craftsmanship
  • Beautiful forms
  • Daylight
  • Natural materials
  • Intimacy
  • Design
  • Creating a space to make memories through practicality rather than by square footage
  • A place that family and friends want to visit and return to

Let’s design your home to nurture your lifestyle. Give me, David Putnam, Call: (303)918-0440 a call today to see how we can create a design inspired by the life you lead.

Fixed Compensation

Custom Home Builder Fees Should Be Fair and Clear

Stone Aspen sets its fees at the beginning of our working relationship and are based on management time, overhead, and performance. We do not mark up invoices, and we are not a “cost-plus” builder. Cost-plus contracts often drive up the cost of a home because contractors have more incentive to push their homeowners to higher-priced items.

Why should you pay the builder more if you upgrade your slab granite countertop? You shouldn’t. When you work with us, you get a fixed fee for our services.

How Fixed Compensation Works

At the start, we establish a working construction estimate and set a fixed fee for our compensation. Our fee does not vary except through written change orders.

A Transparent Model

You are able to review every estimate, trade partner contract, purchase order, and invoice for the construction and design of your home throughout the entire building process. Our books are always open to you.

Ready to get started? Give us a call (303) 918-0440 to set up your one-on-one appointment.


Sustainable Building

What a Sustainable Home Looks Like

Sustainable building practices are more prevalent today than ever before. Homeowners and builders are looking for ways to ensure that their homes have a minimum impact on the environment and are more energy efficient.

Stone Aspen is a strong supporter of sustainable, “green” building and we offer environmentally-sound options. The materials and systems we choose to construct homes will impact our environment, and the quality of life of those who follow. A well made house can last for centuries, and it should.

Here’s what you can expect when building your own sustainable home:

Standard Features

– Energy-efficient furnaces and hot water heaters (90%+)
– High performance, low-emissive windows
– Efficient insulated walls and roofs
– Energy Star appliances
– Efficient plumbing fixtures
– Durable/low maintenance building products
– Green building materials when and where appropriate
– Passive solar when the home site allows for optimal sun exposure

Optional Features

– Geothermal  and solar energy
– Radiant, in-floor heating
– Optimal insulated walls and roofs with spray foam or Icynene insulation
– Air circulation and heat exchange systems
– Humidifying systems
– Central vacuum systems

And, of course, if you have other ideas for creating an even more sustainable home, we are all open to any suggestions. Part of our approach is to be flexible in home building, which means your input matters. Find out more by contacting us.